Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ten Best Yasujiro Ozu Directed Films

Late Autumn (1960)
Early Summer (1951)
Late Autumn (1960)
Late Spring (1949)
Tokyo Story (1953)

Runners-up: The Lady and the Beard (1931), The Only Son (1936), Record of a Tenement Gentleman (1947), Tokyo Chorus (1931), Tokyo Twilight (1957), Walk Cheerfully (1930).

For the record, Early Summer remains my choice for the director's best.

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Anonymous said...

A bit boring when they're not in order of preference. Now it's just like looking at the top ten decade-lists. The other directors' lists were in order of preference, why not Ozu?

Well, of the few I have seen:
1. Late Spring
2. Early Summer
3. Tokyo Story
4. An Autumn Afternoon

I've got some catching up to do.