Monday, August 4, 2008

2005: Lisa K. Broad

Regular Lovers
1. A History of Violence (David Cronenberg, United States)
2. The Sun (Aleksandr Sokurov, Russia/France/Italy/Switzerland)
3. The New World (Terrence Malick, United States)
4. Caché (Michael Haneke, France/Austria/Germany/Italy)
5. The Beat that My Heart Skipped (Jacques Audiard, France)
6. Oxhide (Liu Jiayin, China)
7. Regular Lovers (Philippe Garrel, France)
8. Three Times (Hou Hsiao-hsien, Taiwan)
9. The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (Cristi Puiu, Romania)
10. Election (Johnnie To, Hong Kong)

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